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I do have DLC. Not all though, haven't got around to buying some. I am saving up for a new Mac Mac all the way On that, I sure will buy all the DLC's. I have a Mac Mini and it plays the Sims 4 just fine. BluebellFlora Posts: 7, Member. Comparing a PC with integrated graphics and a Mac with integrated graphics is like comparing an apple with a banana.

CORSAIR Mac Memory Upgrade Kits: Guaranteed Performance, Compatibility, and Support.

Completely different. Obviously dedicated graphics are preferable for gaming, and you may find the game will start to slow down and lag the more you add to it if you have integrated graphics, but Macs seem to holding up pretty well so far. October Aimiexoxo Posts: Member. Problem : By using the First Aid tab present in Disk Utility, you can fix your hard disk drive or other storage drives for errors, bad sectors, etc.

But this is not always the case.

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Next, perform the following steps:. Problem : The Mac storage drive fails to show up in the Disk Utility window. Solution : Mac hard drives not appearing in the Disk Utility window is one of the worst problems that a device could face. In most cases, the device is either dead wholly or partially.

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As far as an unmounted Mac hard drive is concerned; the drive still appears in the Disk Utility window though the drive seems to be greyed-out. Fortunately, a Mac hard drive recovery software rescues the stored files from the unmounted media, and later the drive can be erased for reuse.

In case of a dead Mac hard drive, it is advisable to replace the drive after data recovery is performed via a data recovery service provider. There you go! In this post, we outlined the most challenging problems your Mac hard drive, Solid-State Drive, or other storage drives and partitions can come across. But if you implement the solutions mentioned in this post, you can avoid data loss.

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But keep in mind, critical troubleshooting steps must be performed after taking a full backup of the storage medium. Instead, try the trustworthy software Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to get back your lost data. The software is quite intuitive and recovers lost data in 3 key steps: Select, Scan, and Recover.

Also, to fix issues of cloning, Stellar Drive Clone is quite handy, to auto-remove system junks Stellar SpeedUp Mac is useful, and to manage partition Stellar Partition Manager can be your savior.

Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs.


View More. Hey vishal, I am trying to figure out why my precious Mac is running slow and want to learn how to make it run faster. Mac troubleshooting leads me down a rabbit hole of problem-solving that takes hours to diagnose and even days to resolve. Will stellar speed up work for me?

Hello Bruno, Stellar SpeedUp Mac makes free up your disk space and enhances system performance by removing unwanted files, duplicates and used applications from Macintosh Hard drive. So you can use Stellar Speedup for mac. Being a reputed Video photographer in my city. My MacBook is always filled with lots of stuff. Although I optimize it regularly, but still Mac slow down hampers my work. The software mentioned in the post can prove to be miracle for me.

Hi i am using my ssd hard disk like external connecting like usb pen drive due to cable problem inside macbook , Is this cause any problem? Also, the drive should not have any logical or physical damage. I am not sure what to do, please advice the solution. You should make sure your system firmware is up to date. I would suggest you to format the drive, install maOS from the scratch and then migrate your data with migration assistant.

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Si j'ai bien compris, le nouveau MacBook Air est proche en terme de performance du Macbook Merci Sylvain. Refurb Apple Store. Lorsque la puce chauffe trop, elle retrouve une puissance stable bien moins importante.

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