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Most probably you already have SSH server installed in your guest machine. If not, then install it:. Now create a folder, that will be accessed via SFTP, and then create a share folder inside it and make vasya: Apparently, you have disabled JavaScript in your browser or using some extension for blocking it.

Just be aware, that some things in my blog might not work without JS enabled for example, syntax highlighting in code-snippets. Install Guest Additions Open terminal in your guest-machine and install necessary packages: Go there in terminal and execute: Open Terminal, find VBoxManage and run modification command: Progress state: Resize medium operation for this format is not implemented yet! You need to clone the disk first: So, that was the last of my problems and now I can easily switch between my Mac OS host and Linux virtual machine using 3-finger swipe just like this: Exchange files with guest machine Guest machine is running fine, but how to exchange files with it?

Now open Settings of your guest machine, add Adapter 2 and choose vboxnet0: Start your guest machine and edit network interfaces: Joe Krahn August 30, at 4: David J. December 14, at 7: Can you advise me if this technique is also a good one? Thanks in advance Reply. Ian Hoar December 14, at Kristian Hansen June 6, at 1: Gus September 6, at 1: Ian Hoar September 6, at 1: Philip March 25, at 4: Ngoprek pake VirtualBox life to share June 23, at 7: Who is this guy? Most Recent Comments sorry, the link should be: I read an article the other day and it lists 3 to 4 meth I want to know why my network is unlocked at startup?

Ian, you are a consumer like all of us. I know this post is old, but you have the same er thanx! Most Popular Illustrator crashes when saving anything! Outlook borders and 1px padding on table cells! No animated GIF's either? You are right about VirtualBox terminology being confusing, and the documentation is no help at all. This forum here has a good description of the problem and a solution http: If the steps in that forum do not work, simply remove eth0 mappings and change eth1 to eth0.

Restart the server to see the changes take effect. Right, so cloning a VM is cloning the hard drive. What if you want to clone the VM settings itself except disks, uuid, and name? Thank you very much for this blog post. I was able to clone my virtual machine within minutes of reading this well-written post. Wow great stuff and easy to follow. Many thanks. Indeed this is one of the most important operations that a user would want to do — it is easy to break VM so it is best to have copies available.

Tutorial: How to Optimize OS X Yosemite in Virtualbox (PC)

I had spelt the filename all in lowercase in the command. I realise this is an old post… but the command at least for v3 is now: VBoxManage clonehd [options]. Making a snap shot creates a new. Or am I missing something? Great tips. Thanks for the info.

Which apparently did the same job, with no need to merge the snapshots first neither creating a new virtual machine by hand. It was all automatically done by exporting and then importing again.

Cloning and Copying VirtualBox virtual machines

Thank you for sharing this information with us. I was able to clone my Windows XP image successfully following these instructions. Thanks for writing this guide! The Version 3.



Thanks for the tip. It saved me a lot of time. Adding onto what I learned from this article. I would like to add my experience. I use VirtualBox on Centos 5. The snapshot directory is empty. I now have a file in: Now what I know from my few and limited tests is that you can merge your last snapshot into your second last snapshot and not lose any data. Thanks alot. It is very helpful and clearly written. Thanks for this. It seems a little strange that there is no UI support for cloning images, since I would think that is a common operation.

But thanks to you guide, I managed to get through it just fine anyway: Excellent overview — I was looking for something exactly like this. Has helped me a lot. VBoxManage export vmname -o vmname.

Increase/Expand the Size of Windows 7 vdi File on VirtualBox Mac

Current as of Nov VirtualBox manual recommends using clonehd instead of clonevdi. Thanks for posting this! Now I know! Cloning a Windows 7 VM requires a second license because the machine id changes. Thank you very much for this article. It helps me a lot. Now I want another similar virtual machine within the same server, could you please let me know the steps? It becomes even more problemmatic if you have dropped additional hard disks in intermediate snapshots.

Surprisingly it even still seems to work. You are a genius: Thanks, very good written and useful even for a Mac user. Mac note: Thanks for info… I keep going back to this post every time I need to clone a VirtualBox image. Thanks, that was really helpful! For some weird reason when I typed this command….

However, based on some internet sleuthing, it seems that virtualbox may now require the full path to the. When I used full paths, the error went away. This is a great post. I spent a good two hours editing everything and figuring it all out. The Amazing thing is that it works! I agree that it would be better to just use the tools it comes with.

An alternative, since VirtualBox 2. I had to use the Add button to add the drive. Thank you very much for providing such a detailed and comprehensible overview. This is extremely helpful. Much appreciated. Thanks for the note. Very well written and very help full. As you have rightly pointed out the sun docs leave a lot to be desired but the product never the less is very good.

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Actually, the editing of the XML files is trivial. Then find the newly created virtual machine, open the XML file, delete everything except the UUID ie everything except the first 3 or so lines , then copy in the info from the XML file for the virtual machine you want to clone. Of course, clone the VDI image as described in the article, detach the original one in the new VM, and attach the cloned one….

This page is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing the information.

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I believe things may have been changed a bit since this had been posted. Top notch work!

VirtualBox to the rescue

VirtualBox 3. You need to get the snapshot id for the drive first, but this is not difficult.

Resizing a VirtualBox Disk Image (.vmdk) on a Mac

Once found, you are able to select and copy the location. Thanks for that! Thing was I first made a 4Gig disk, which became small very soon and I wanted to move the complete system that to larger virtual disk without reinstalling it from the beginning. This is a little invoved — Windows may well fail to boot from the new drive, and if so, there are a few steps you need to take to get it working.

Mount and edit boot. Probably best to do a backup first as well. Shut down Ubuntu VM. Yesterday I switched from vmware to VirtualBox due to some issues with 64 bit ubuntu I was wondering how to clone my new installations, else it would have been a havoc for me to create a new network for every machines.

And I thank God, I reached your article. This is a useful post, but my experience was rather different: I found that this just had the effect of removing these snapshots as if I had never taken them.