Change your pc mac address windows 7

But unlike only four numeric characters separated by full colons to make it look like a four digit sets x 4 parts, the MAC address is a combination of alpha-numeric characters. It is a set of six characters separated by six full colons. Also, unlike the four characters used in IP address per set, the MAC address employs only two characters per set. Here is an example of a MAC address for your understanding:. You can see that it is six sets parts divided by full colons and can contain both alphabets and characters.

The first two or three sets indicate the code of manufacturers of the network interface card just like the first two sets of IP address tells you where you are located.

Locate an IP address using these easy steps

To locate the MAC address of your network adaptors, you have to go to the command line. The output for each of your NIC adaptor network adaptors — wired and wireless will be displayed.

It is not advised to change the MAC address on networks as it may create conflicts and sometimes, may fail to appear on the network. But if you want to change the MAC address for some reason, it is an easy process. Once the Device Manager dialog appears, look for the category named Network Adaptors.

Change or Spoof a MAC Address in Windows or OS X

Click on the plus sign preceding Network Adaptors to see all the Network cards attached to your computer;. Select the network adaptor whose MAC address you wish to change. In the list of available options, select Locally Administered MAC Address or Network Address; note that only one of the two options will appear based on the type of your network adaptor. When you select one of the above options, you will get a text box saying Value.

Type a six digit alphanumeric code in the Value field after selecting the radio button; note that you do not have to type the dashes or full colon; if you wish to type f: gH :HH, you simply type fgHHH without any dashes or full colons; adding dashes may result in error. That is the common notion in the world of Internet. After going crazy for a while, I just simply changed the MAC address on one machine and all worked out. Before the upgrade both machines were working perfectly in the same LAN, connected to the same switch.

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Change MAC address in Windows 7 or later for wireless adapter

Realtek Network Adapters do not have this parameter, at least not with the driver I have installed. It has 3 options in the box, Please help thank you.

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Get mac address of a remote computer

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