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Answer now Can i use this in the ph? I recently purchased one and for my Macbook pro charger and it is working just fine. More Read full answer. Answer now Is this compatible with a charging brick from Canada? MacBook Air 13inch.

Refer to an earlier question,. If you order it on the Australian Apple Store online site you will ge Refer to an earlier question,. If you order it on the Australian Apple Store online site you will get the cable that will be suitable for NZ which has the same power point type and voltage as Australia More Read full answer. Answer now Is the plug on this extension cable one that will fit a power outlet in New Zealand? You just slide off the head that has the steel pins and put the end that has the 2 holes More Read full answer.

Answer now Does it work in the 10 watt USB power supply? I figured it out. Take your Power Adapter and slide the 2 prong plug off. You will see the same co I figured it out. You will see the same connection as the Power Adapter Extension Cable. Slide the Extension Cable into the Power Adapter and you now have a a cable capable of reaching those hard to reach wall plugs.

Answer now Is there a picture of the way to attach the power cord extension that comes with the MacBook Air? Browse all. Shop by Product.

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Per Page: Best Match Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Title: The bundled 18W charger will charge a It is roughly 2. Anker also said that even more powerful chargers will join the Atom line in the future: There are also two USB-A ports, with a combined maximum output of 12 watts. USB-C is a rapidly evolving technology. As more computers that charge via USB-C are released, more companies will offer chargers for those laptops—and prices should come down, as well.

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And if anything goes wrong, Apple offers top-notch support. If it is in stock, you may want to consider it. Consider it if you have a watt computer or really value size over speed.

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However, as we mentioned above, these are safe options if you own the specific laptop s each is designed for. However, we subsequently learned that it fried a testing rig in Nathan K. NewerTech confirmed the issues to us, saying it was an isolated incident. Since then our stock has been tested and confirmed not to have any issues.

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Universal or bust! We plug in every device we have to chase the dream , PCWorld, December 29, How the dream is coming true , PCWorld, March 7, Nathan K. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Also great. Everything we recommend Our pick. Why you should trust me Who should get this How we picked How we tested Our pick: A selection of the USB-C laptop chargers we tested in early