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How to enable TRIM on third-party SSDs in OS X

Turned out write speed had degraded by a factor of 3. I re-enabled TRIM immediately after the Sierra upgrade was complete and, after a period of adjustment, got my write speed back. That said, I'm sure there is a reason Apple doesn't enable it on third-party drives, and so I'm sure there is some small additional risk of data corruption from enabling it. There may be more to it than this but it had been my understanding that the data corruption issue came from a once broken Linux driver and was never a real thing.

Does anybody know if data corruption from TRIM is actually real or just a vestigial concern stemming from that Linux problem? Voix des Airs wrote: Does anybody know if data corruption from TRIM is actually real or just a vestigial concern stemming from that Linux problem? The Samsung Trim corruption problem was indeed specific to linux, caused by a kernel bug. Quote: Does anybody know if data corruption from TRIM is actually real or just a vestigial concern stemming from that Linux problem?

There was a vestigial Mac concern way back too, I think from OWC tests on their Sandforce based drives at the time they recommended against it. Today, SSDs some, most, nearly all? I don't think it's needed in the latest version of OSX correct? If it is off you can turn it on if you want to from the command line with 'sudo trimforce enable'. It's not really possible for the drive itself to handle the same cleanup that TRIM handles because that cleanup requires knowledge at the file system level about which logical blocks are still used vs not used.

Various drives may have features that counter some of the "traditional" performance degradation you'll see without TRIM, making it possible to conclude you don't absolutely need TRIM support. But the drives aren't taking over the benefits that come from TRIM. B04 SMC Version system : 1. Thank you.

Terminal says it was successful, but is there any way to verify that? In the evnt that I want to disable it for some reasons, can I? Kind of. If a non-admin user is logged in, there is no need to log him off or use Fast User Switching. Just type this command to become an administrator-enabled user with username thisisanadmin:. You will be prompted for the password of thisisanadmin, and then you can enter the sudo trimforce enable command.

Apple has released OSX Just wanted to say thanks to Topher for this — another very useful tip. Show 13 more comments. In "early " SanDisk works sometimes 3Gbit, sometimes it goes to 1,5Gbit. I cannot understand what affect at behavior like that. At this time no solution for this Mac. In "late " I had the same problem. Then I noticed a small switch in my Optibay. So this solves the problem. Sadly, the logic board has an issue which you can't over come with the SSD you are using.

The sensory logic can't reliably tell what the systems SATA port speed is so it jumps down to the slower speed to make sure it will work your SanDisk zs GB drive. OK what to do? If you can't get the zs to work you'll need to get different drives or accept the fact you'll only get SATA I performance in this series of Mac Mini. SanDisk zs specs. Mac mini 2. Is it correct? Show 11 more comments. B 2 bazooka9. Now i think about a gb version.

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I stay sandisk, hey just found that the ssd plus has exactly the same controller like the bx Did you review this link? Also don't get caught up in all of the benchmarks between the drives. Having a Porsche is greate if you can drive it on the Autobahn, doesn't help you drive in downtown Munich :- Basically, the limits of the system remove most of the gains from a better performing SSD.

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Focus on what your needs are in the SSD's size and if it can be set to SATA II so it works correctly in your system with the carrier you have or get one that resolves the problem like this one in the link. Voila, it seems that these sucsessfull tested in above, the crucial bx and the sandisk Plus, they almost have the same Controller! As an other result i learned that my fine working lowend sandisk ssd could be replaced by a faster sandisk Plus.

I look forward :-D. In my case mbp mid 09 after the sandisks i was testing a samsung evo gb MZE since june and it went fine under El Capitan. Now i've upgraded to a gb evo in december, works also fine, 3Gbit, trim enabled. Brom brom It runs at 3. I'm running El capitan.

So don't stuff it and allow it Some idle time at the end of the day. It works for me. On a Mac, press the Options key while powering on to enter the Startup Manager screen.

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  8. Interesting if it works. Have to try that. So "some idle time" is 1 minute? Will post back if it works!

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    I have almost given up getting this to work stable. It is just luck now if I get 3. The only stable option I can conclude from all the posts is to attach the drive to the CD-ROM cable which seems to run stable at 3. But then again will have to test. This is museum stuff anyway Back Answers Index. Mac mini Model A 2, 2. I changed my internal hard drive with a Samsung Evo GB. Does anyone know which drives work and run 3 gigabit? View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

    Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 7. How are you testing? Please describe your process. Android Fix Kits. A new screen or battery is one kit away. Chosen Solution.